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Big Beads are in! We love big chunky wonderful beads, and love to make a real statement. There are just days when you need the bold statement of



Put your beauty in our hands


"Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by." Carl Sandburg
for the woman
with Presence, Panache and Pizzazz

Our Unique beads come from all over the world.  We have the wonderful big bone beads in the picture above.  These are from China. We have amazing big glass beads from the ivory coast. They were made by grinding down old coke bottles  and sand casting the glass to form big beads.  We have gold colored beads made the same way out of old beer bottles.  And most amazing of all are the Big Beads from Hebron that are Roman glass, about 2000 years old. These Big Beads become unique custom jewelry.  They can be worn with a suit or with jeans and look smashing each way. 

custom_art_jewelryunique_custom_jewelryfine_art_jewelrycontemporary_jewelry_design custom_art_jewelryunique_custom_jewelryfine_art_jewelrycontemporary_jewelry_design

We usually do them in 18 inch lengths.  Let us know if you need a different length.

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"The craftsmanship, quality, and obvious care molded into each piece is worth every penny. I was in search of the perfect gift for an exceptionally tasteful woman and was reluctant to give it up when it arrived at my door!"
Jennifer from California.
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